Favser is a digital talents-focused hiring platform for innovative companies.


Favser story begins in 2016 when two close friends in Malaysia realized it would be perfect to change the conventional way of the hiring marketplace and lacking of digital talents, be it full time or freelance.

A new way of working is born

In response, Favser is created to build and promote digital talents. A freelance platform where businesses are able to access a larger pool of quality talents, while talents enjoy the freedom and flexibility to find jobs online.

Fast-forward to today, Favser utilizes the technology and transformed into something bigger and innovative - a digital talent-focused hiring platform.


Creating a world of opportunities

Through Favser businesses get more done, connecting young digital, creative and talents to innovative companies. We empower people to do what they love and live the dream of being independent.

We create a trusted and dynamic platform to connect people with permanent job and freelance project, whenever and wherever they want. Favser makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay the best professionals anywhere, any time.

Favser’s Mission

Favser builds the future online hiring marketplace with one mission, to connect talented experts with the right businesses with no boundaries regardless they are full-time, part-time or a freelancer.

Everyone deserves to do stuff they are proud of. It’s our mission to empower people to be a part of a fun and passionate community reinventing the job recruitment industry.