Tips For Freelance Writers and Translators In Malaysia

11 Feb, 2019

Malaysia freelance writer and translator

What Is Freelance Writing/Translating?

Freelance writing is the act of producing works of writing, while freelance translating is the act of translating text or audio from one language to another, both in exchange for pay. Freelance writers or translators usually produce their works in the comfort of their own homes, but occasionally may work on site with clients depending on their needs.

As with any freelance work, both client and freelancer will reach to an agreement regarding the fees before work commences. Projects may be short-term or long-term depending on the needs of the client.  

Why Should I Be A Freelance Writer And Translator In Malaysia?

1. Freedom To Work Anytime, Anywhere

Needless to say, the freedom to work anytime and anywhere is liberating! Freelance writers and translators get to choose when to work ie after office hours for those doing part-time freelance work, and where to work ie for those with family commitments. For those who love working in coffee shops, sip your coffee away as you work on your masterpiece!

2. Make Money Out of Your Passion

Everyone can make use with some extra cash, plus if it means indulging your passion for words, there is no reason to hesitate! For full-time freelance writers and translators with an extensive portfolio, freelancing is a flexible nature of work which allows them to make a living at the comfort of their own homes.

3. High Demand

In Malaysia, the demand for freelance writers and translators are at an all-time high especially with the rise of lean startups. Writing categories that are high in demand for businesses include copywriting, articles and blog posts, press releases and white papers.


There is also an increase in trend to outsource writing jobs to freelance writers and translators as it is not necessary for most companies to have an in-house full-time writer and translator. Besides that, proofreading and editing services are consistently in demand due to the importance of grammar in every form of writing.   

What Do I Need To Be A Freelance Writer And Translator In Malaysia?

  • A laptop/PC
  • Good internet connection
  • Grammar-conscious
  • Attention to detail
  • Good work ethics to keep client’s information private and confidential
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to adapt to client’s requests
  • Ability to work within deadlines
  • Appetite for continuous learning
  • Passion for words!

Fun fact: it is not necessary to have an educational background in journalism/writing/communications to pursue freelance writing or translating!

Who Are My Clients?

Your clients may range from authors looking for freelancers to proofread and edit their drafts to business owners who need help with producing content for their websites. With Favser’s categories feature, let your clients know which categories you are skilled in!

How Should I Charge Clients?

There are several ways to charge clients for freelance writing or translating, which are based on word, page, project or hour. For newbies, rates are lower but as the portfolio expands, rates can be revised accordingly.

How To Be A Freelance Writer Or Translator In Malaysia on Favser?

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