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Yeong Shu Teng

Writing & Translation, Sales & Marketing

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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About Me

Below are my strengths in a nutshell:
1) Experienced storyteller for brands, products, founder profile, company profile, website content and corporate speeches. 

2) Strong bilingual translator for English to Chinese and vice versa.

3) Improve your existing content with professional proofreading and editing skills, in both English and Chinese languages. 

Here's more about me:

I love reading! And along the way, I discovered that I have a gift with words. I love playing with words in my storytelling. My experience from the various companies and industries that I've worked with, from accounting and marketing to education, helped me better understand the operations of a business from the bird's-eye view.

I specialise in business writing and will be a valuable help to SMEs and businesses that are too busy to write themselves, or they do not know where to start. I am looking at helping B2B clients to provide a better marketing solution for their distributors or retailers. This will result in a stronger B2C engagement, which translates into better sales for all parties. I strongly believe that having the right content published will provide a positive guided brand perception and I aim to do that for all my clients.

My strengths are in the following areas:
- Business writing for a website and company profile
- Blog writing
- Interview article writing
- Biographical storytelling
- Translation from Chinese to English and vice versa

So if you have a story that you would like to tell, I will be more than happy to paint it with my words. Hit me up and I'm happy to explore! :)




MBA (International Business Strategy)

University of East London

Year of Guaduation: 2019

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Marketing)

Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia

Year of Guaduation: 2003


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