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giordano voon

Digital Marketing

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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


About Me

Hi, Im Giordano .From Sabah Malaysia . So today i wanna easily make you understand what project or something i do before . i done a big f&b event ever in sabah before. my part is about CMO and CTO . About website, Seo , Apps, facebook, google, instagram , coding , i done it by myself. all the applications is still running until now . the event call ExxNxxxx.Cxx . 

The next Project is about something Grey way . never been done before in sabah i think . i CxN CONTxxL the $$ and VxLxE through internet . something investor and entrepreneur very like it . i cant say it too clear on here . i starting creating a digital makerting team and company . so if you wanna know more about what i can do . please willing to find me . Thanks for the reading .





Foundation Business

Stanford Raffles College

Year of Guaduation: 2015

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