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Client Servicing Manager

Affiliate Marketing (Digital Marketing)
  Full Time Employment
  Junior Executive
  Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur
8 months ago

Job Description

About the Client Servicing Manager position

We are looking for a suitable candidate who possess understanding about the full mix of digital marketing as well as familiarity with consumer behavior analysis to assist in managing the company's clientele. 

In order to be a successful marketing associate, you should have a breadth of understanding about the full mix of marketing as well as familiarity with consumer behavior analysis.  You should possess the ability to create spreadsheets and analyze quantitative data to interpret ROI and KPI metrics.

You will be able to help us achieve our business goals through the crafting of strong advertising campaigns.


Responsibilities are:

  • Managing Spreadsheet and analyze quantitative data to interpret ROI and KPI metric

  • Identify new opportunities for the company's client

  • Facilitate in marketing campaign for the purpose of growing the client ROI and performance

  • Maintain an organized and readable record of past marketing metrics and advertising campaigns for the purpose of reporting

  • Maintain healthy and positive relationship between the client and the company


  • A minimal of 2 years experience in Marketing related field

  • Knowledge of digital marketing tools and relevant techniques

  • Excellent skills in the areas of communication, presentation, and analysis

  • Possess a goal oriented attitude.

* Experience in Digital Advertising or Client Account Management will be an added bonus

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