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Kayl Ramos Acaso

Technology & Programming

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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About Me

I am a Filipina graduate seeking an entry level job. I'm from First City University College Bandar Utama last 2018 with a UK Certificate from Sheffield Hallam University in BEng(Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Second Class Honours (2nd Division).

I was expose to software and automation industry 4.0 development during my internship at Bosch Rexroth. I worked with Machines, Databases, Drive controls/synchronization and IOTgateway including XDK and CISS sensors. I've developed some projects that is relevant to IOT Gateway Applications and I also have self made projects:

  1. FYP PROJECT SMART TRAFFIC CONE - (UPGRADING TRAFFIC CONE BY ADDING SMART FEATURES). The idea of creating this project is to improve an ordinary traffic cone to perform such extra features added. As a warning sign, this is helpful for big trucks/cars especially when backing up the sensor will help them to recognize that they’re nearly approaching over the restricted area. It’s also helpful in dark areas for which it has a strobing LED installed for people to be noticed, then  GPS is added for tracking incase the cone is found to be lost or stolen and lastly, this project uses solar energy as its power consumption so basically once turned on, it’ll just work by itself 24/7.
    • Connect the sensors to the digital input connected to the PLC
    • Program PLC controller with the built-in sensors (pressure, leakage & pump flow)
    • Communicate PLC with the IOT Gateway Solution
    • Pass data from IOT Gateway to a Dashboard using OPCUA Communication Protocol 
     Passing the data from IOT Gateway to Node-RED will provide more features that’ll display complex reports which allows you to modify report on your own. Ex : Calculations, display, controls, communication with a database, supports HTML, CSS and etc.
  3. SENSOR CONFIG (PYTHON) - (ACCESSING REAL TIME DATA REPORT FROM CISS SENSOR USING PYTHON). CISS sensor is a multi-sensor device capable of detecting acceleration and vibration. This sensor is equipped with accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temp, humidity, pressure, microphone, and light sensor. It’s used to monitor machine conditions. This configuration hasn’t communicated with the IOT Gateway yet and since CISS is programmed using Python, viewing data reports in real time bases using Python configuration receives data reports of the sensor.
  4. IOT TO MYSQL (DATA STORAGE) - (STORING DATA FROM IOT GATEWAY TO MYSQL DATABASE/ MARIADB). In this development I use the IOT Hydraulic Testbench for storing data, since the IOT Gateway Solution is only for viewing data reports of the sensors performance in real time bases by using a database such as MySQL/MariaDB, we can store and keep data’s for reference, MySQL is a great platform in storing data since this database supports IOT Development.
  5. DOOR SWITCH DISPLAY - (ESP8266 TO MQTT TO NODE-RED DASHBOARD). This project is about integrating a microcontroller to a web app that can be monitored via real time report whenever the door sensor is triggered either open/close. Through this web app it can also be used as a transmitter by creating a button that triggers either open or close and publish data to a messaging protocol then to the microcontroller. Programming ESP8266 with Magnetic door switch is using Arduino IDE and the communication of data works inversely as well.




Degreee in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Sheffield Hallam University

Year of Guaduation: 2018

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