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Loshini Karu

Digital Marketing

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Ipoh, Perak

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About Me

A former business development execuitve, now a full-time freelancer. I have exprience in Strategy Management, Human Resource, Marketing, Sales and Business development. As English is my native language and Malay my second, I am available for copywriting. I will ensure that your copy is written with proper grammar and comprehension yet appeals to today's world. I am also available for marketing strategy and implementation. I'm interested in promoting a workplace that has minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. My experience in strategy management has given me a good eye on how to identify bottlenecks and how to increase efficiency. I believe in exceptional customer service management. From my time as business development director, I have experience in building seamless, efficient and outstanding customer service experience for customers and emloyees who are in charge of this area. If you need a business manager who is able to manage a multitude of areas, please feel free to reach out to me. 




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