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Mansor Mohd Salleh

Writing & Translation

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Rawang, Selangor

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About Me


Dear Sir/Madam,


I would like to work as a Freelance Translator and would like you to be considered for your organization. I am sure that may knowledge in translation from English to Malay will be very beneficial for your organization and I will surely be an asset to your company.


Here is a summary of my experience and knowledge:

·  Experience in working as a translator and I cannot see myself working in any other field because I enjoy my work.

·  Excellent communication skills and keep enhancing them as they are important in this field and I bring this in my work everyday.

I am confident and positive personality and this makes it easier for people to get along with me. In translating, personality is as important as the ability to translate the language that is being written or spoken.





Diploma in Computer Science

College in Kuala Lumpur

Year of Guaduation: 1999

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