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Muhammad Leonard BIn Arakasamy

Technology & Programming

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Ampang, Selangor

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About Me

Hye. My name is Muhammad Leonard BIn Arakasamy. Call me Leo. I live in Ampang. Due to Covid 19,I learned web programming for 3 months which is HTML. CSS and Javascript for Front End and for Back End is Node.js and for Database is MySQL, NoSQL and Mongo DB and add on API knowledge and skills as well like Yelp, Open Weather and Foursquare. And for Front End Web Framework is React.js and for Back End framework is Express.js. And with knowledge and skills that I got, I successfully created an app which is called Pushengers app. It's a Search Restaurant App utilizing with Yelp API. The coding that I'm using to create the web app is HTML, CSS, Javascript and React.js for Front End and can also run on Back End which is Node.js because currently right now, I'm running the app using Jexia which is serverless Back End Application. And, module bundle is Webpack. And, Javascript Transcompiler is Babel. Here's the link: https://6a9d9146-d856-4dc8-8d78-d1fceb5053e5.jexia.app/. And my Portfolio link: https://leonardoleo.github.io/. THANKS!




Malaysia Skills Certificate in Computer Networking

Industiral Training Institute NIbong Tebal

Year of Guaduation: 2009


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