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Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

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About Me

Armed with vast 20 years of experience deploying various business app and reporting project in PHP. 

My work mostly grasp from closed source to opensource. Where my contribution to opensource community is significant applauded. Currently, I swift my focus on PWA technology as I saw great potential its can make releasing app at speed and simple. 

Here is the playground ready for you to play around:

1. https://demo.juztpoint.com (vuejs + vuetify)

2. https://www.juztpoint.com (laravel + bootstrap) - Landing page

3. https://backoffice.juztpoint.com (laravel + vuejs + vuetify) - Backoffice

4. https://app.juztpoint.com/ (laravel + vuejs + vuetify) - PWA Point of Sale App

Note: JuztPoint is an opensouce project. The source code can be found in https://github.com/StarkLiew/juztpoint 

My true value, unlike others, able to work form beginning of the flow, from setting up empty VCS  to project production deployment of app. Beside that, as a Software Developer, I don't believe mastering single code. Before the fully boom of internet age, I already began programming starting Assembly Language, Pascel, and C on a 386 machine. Move on to OOB I learned c++, vb, java, php, swift, js, angular, vuejs and others. Past few year, I has successfully helped several company to build integration software with any mean technolgy available. I deployed business app build with VB, Foxpr, PHP, ElectronJS and VueJS into real world production application.  





Diploma in IT major Software Engineering

Northern Territory University

Year of Guaduation: 2000

Executive Master in Management


Year of Guaduation: 2017

Employment History

IT Manager

Currently working in Highway Quarry

Juxt7 Software Developement

Formerly worked in CTO

From 2019 ~ 2020

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