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Fong Wei Ziet

Digital Marketing

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Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

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About Me

Hi, I’m Wei Ziet, 25 years old from Malaysia. I run a couple of social media platforms under the name of Ziet Invests (niche of Personal Finance, Stock Investing and Growth & Productivity):

- Instagram Page: Near to 300 followers (as at October 2020)

- YouTube channel: 200+ subscribers (as at October 2020)

- Facebook Page: Near to 300 followers (as at October 2020)

I can offer you the following services:

1. Content creation for Instagram – Batch produce content/posts for your Instagram page

2. Consultancy to grow Instagram page – Helping you to understand your brand niche and formulating actionable strategies to grow your followings organically

3. Script/Content writing for YouTube videos – I draft and script my own YouTube videos, I can also do the same for your channel

4. Consultancy to grow YouTube channel – Helping you to gain traction on YouTube (Setting up, Strategizing your niche, Planning, Idea formulation etc.)

5. Video editing – I am a YouTube content creator that edits video using Final Cut Pro X on Macbook. I have the capacity to produce video (expertise in sitcom/talking head/interview videos). Happy to explore any other genre of videos.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-h5sZ-O_4KbdzPy6hxYd9g

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ziet_invests/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZietInvests/






Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Year of Guaduation: 2018


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